Poland’s Nobel Prize poet Wislawa Szymborska dies

Thursday, 02 Feb 2012, 10:26


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The woman once described as the “Mozart of poetry”, Poland’s 1996 Nobel Prize winner, Wislawa Szymborska has died at her home in Krakow. She was 88.

Despite six decades of writing, Szymborska had less than 400 poems published, but her use of plain words mixed with elegant language drew her much acclaim. She had a knack of using simple objects to reflect on larger themes.

In 1945 she published her first poem, “I am looking for a Word” and soon became a fixture of Krakow’s postwar literary circles.

Although eventually translated into over a dozen languages she always remained wildly popular with her own country’s readers, who snapped up every precious volume.

Her death has been described as an irreparable loss to Poland’s culture.

Source: Euronews

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