Pater Group officially launches Jeep brand in Malta

Friday, 13 Jan 2012, 12:23


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Today is an important step for the Pater Group as it announces the official addition of the Jeep brand to its portfolio of represented brands in Malta. The first three JEEP models, the Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Grand Cherokee are now in Malta and available for viewing and for test drives.

“In Malta, the JEEP brand is going to be sold from our landmark showroom in Valley Road which is currently undergoing major refurbishment in order to be in line with Jeep’s international corporate identity standards,” announced Francesca Mamo, Managing Director of Pater Group during a media event to introduce the new models to motoring journalists.

The event in fact was an opportunity for motoring journalists to drive and experience the Jeep range in its ideal environment through a drive along some of the most scenic trails in the North of Malta.

In her address, Ms mamo also announced how the Pater Group will also be offering complete aftersales services not only to new owners of Jeep models but also to those that may have personally imported a Jeep from other markets prior to the Group’s appointment as official importer and distributor of Jeep in Malta. “Repairs and maintenance services as well as spare parts sales are currently being offered through our Waldorf Auto Service Centre complex in Valley Road. We therefore invite all Jeep owners to direct any after sales requirements to our fully trained after-sales team,” added Ms Mamo.

Introducing the brand, Ms Mamo described how an official importation agreement was signed in April 2011, with the Fiat Auto Group, responsible for distributing Jeep in Europe, following the global alliance signed between Fiat Group and Chrysler Group in June 2009.

“The alliance between Fiat and Chrysler will not only have a strategic influence on the Jeep Brand’s sales activities but is aimed to contribute also towards introducing new platforms, advanced technologies and superior quality thanks to the sharing of technical know-how, manufacturing and environmental best practices. This alliance has in fact already borne results, in fact globally Jeep sales increased 24 percent versus 2009 with 420,000 units sold worldwide. In the US, 291,000 Jeep vehicles were sold in 2010 and the brand posted a 26 percent growth versus sales in 2009,” stated Ms Mamo.

Referring to Chrysler and Jeep’s historical background, Ms Mamo said “Jeep is of course an American brand owned by the Chrysler Group. With 70 years of history, Jeep today boasts a global reputation with a vehicle distribution in more than 120 countries. The first Jeep model was introduced in 1941 and since this milestone date more than 15 million Jeeps have been produced and distributed worldwide. Today, 6 million Jeep vehicles are on the road and Jeep is Chrysler Group’s top selling brand in markets outside North America, comprising 50% of the Company’s international sales.”

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