Matsec Board: You failed, no you passed

The Matsec Board has admitted that 90 students, who were at first informed that they had failed their SEC exam, had in fact passed. The new academic year had already started when Matsec realised the mistake and informed the students that they had passed the exam.
One of the 90 students was a girl who sat for her English Language SEC exam. When the results were published she was told that she got Grade 6. Students who want to join Junior College have to get Grade 1 to 5 in their exams. She had her exam re-sit in September. This time her result was even worse as she got: U – ‘Unclassified’. The student was traumatized and she stopped eating.

But on 7 October 2011, after the Junior College academic year had started, she got a letter from the Matsec Board saying that she had actually passed her exam and she could join Junior College.  She had spent a whole summer locked up studying for her re-sit.
After the results were reviewed another 25 students have become eligible to start their course at the Junior College. Others who have been informed that they have passed their exams can now join MCAST courses.

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Comments (6)

Mario Camilleri

- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 23:34

Did anybody hear Musumeci's statement saying that "at least the end results came out, we could have kept back from issuing this news, but we didn't".
Does this mean that other results were held back? Was the board always correct and are all results correct?

Student Inkwetat

- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 22:04

Jien nahseb li issa anke fil-marki tal-ezamijiet dahlet
il-korruzzjoni. Kif jista jkun jigru dawn l-iZbalji fil-marki
tal-ezamijiet. Jaqaw kien hemm xi bazuzlu u riedu jghadduh.
Min induna bl-izball? Biex nemmen il-genwinita ta dan il- kas hekk serjissimu irid ikun hemm inkjesta indipendenti publika u transparenti mill Ministeru tal-Edukazzjoni.

Dan x'jigifieri il-Board tal-Matsec ihawdu u jghaffeg minghajr ma jghatu l-ebda sodisfazzjon lil hadd.

Lilna l-istudenti qazzistuna issa. Barra l-istudju esagerat biex ingibu l-Matrikola issa qed iddahlulna ddubji dwar il-
marki veru li qed ingibu fl-ezamijiet.

L-istudenti shabi ghandhom dubji serji li jew il-gvern jew ukoll il Matsec Board qed jaghmlu numerus clausus bil mohbi. Kif jista jkun li dejjem ......dejjem ta kwazi jaghddu biss nofs l-istudenti mis-suggetti kompulsori biex imorru l-junior college.

U dawk li jkollom bzonn suggett wiehed kompulsori ghaliex
ma jigux accettati mill junior college ukoll. Li jkollok tmur is-sixth form tal-Gvern GCHSS mhux hela ta risorsi semplicimet biex aktar tard taghmel re-sit la student ikun ser ikompli jistudja ghal Matrikola tal- Universita ... mela go bicca gzira ghandu jkollok zewg 6th Forms iffinazjati mill-
fondi publici.

IL-Board tal Matsec ghandu jkun f'idejn il-Gvern u mhux
f'idejn l-Universita. Dan it-tahwid fil marki ghandu jigi
nvestigat u l-poplu jinghata rapport ezatt x'gara ghaliex
issa anke l-Board tal-Matsec qed jitlef il-kredibilita b'imgieba dubjuza li ghaddej biha. Alla jbierek kollox xejn mhux xejn..... u iva hadna zball, issa irrangajnieth DIK SERJETA. U l-istudenti milquta nghadduhom min trawma. HEKK SEW?

Ma nistax nifhem ghalfejn ghandna Junior College - 6th Form immexxi mill-Universita u 6th Form iehor mill Gvern.
Mhux ta b'xejn l-istudenti maltin qed jaqtghu qalbhom li
jkomplu jistudjaw.

Jonathan Agius

- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 17:45

After talking with the head of matsec board last monday i was totally disappoint by leaving me 15 waiting for him because he was typing with his work mate. seeing him discussing and laughing instead of talking to him. I went there to talk to he so maybe other revision of papers would have taken place in all the subjects. although in english this mistake was noticed. no one knows what happened in the other papers!!! Most of the students sitting for the maths o, level did get the same mark or else got a U. only a 4.5 percent or something like that got a grade 4 or 5 in september and 54 percent a 6 or 7. the others failed there exam :/. How can this be true.
I'm Sorry But I smell something fishy about it and that all exams from o level to a levels should be revised. A good example of inefficiancy is when a student's a level is upgraded from D to a grade B and 2 of his intermediate went up from D to a grade C. Exams are not being corrected as they should be.
I only ask to revise all papers as more mistakes could come out for sure.

Lawrence Attard

- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 16:54

It is and how a big shame on the Minister of Education after all.
When is the Minister calling on the Madsec Board to provide us with a satisfactorily explanation of what had happened

Ian Zammit

- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 16:37

My son Jean marc also failed his maltese Matsec last July and spent all Summer studying and taking private lessons. He has taken a resit in September and believe it or not feeling that this time round he was more prepared and felt that he had done much better got a U result after his July 6. Have now asked the authorities to revisit hios paper and waiting.........


- Sun 16-Oct-2011, 10:13

Jistghu l-ezaminaturi tal-MATSEC jghidulna kif indunaw li
l-marki ta dawn id-disghin student kienu hziena u liema suggetti kienu dawn.

Il-Ministeru tal-Edukazzjani ghandu f'kasijiet serji bhal dawn ghandu jaghmel l-investigazzjoniet necessarji
jsir rapport formali, u mhux qiesu sar zbal u ma gara xejn. Kif qal is-Sur Musumeci kieku ma
tkelmu xejn kienu ser ibaghtu l-istudenti.

Jien ghalija il-Boad tal-Matsec mhux serju.
Dawn l-affarijiet qed iwasslu biex itelfu il-kredibilita f'min jikkoregi l-karti ta dawn l-ezamijiet

U kif kumbinazzjoni dejjem nofs l-istudenti jghaddu mill-ezamijiet. Dan numeru clausu mohbi.