St Julians local council meeting suspended as PN members fail to turn up

Sunday, 24 Oct 2010, 14:32


Disagreements between PN St Julians councillors led to the cancellation of last Thursday’s council meeting. What was meant to be a normal council meeting had to be suspended because there was no quorum.

At St Julians, the local council is led by the PN who won by a comfortable majority. Out of the seven councillors elected, five contested on behalf of the Nationalist Party while just two were elected on behalf of the Labour Party.

Despite such a strong majority, the PN was unable to put together a quorum for last Thursday’s council meeting. As a result, the meeting, for which an agenda had already been posted, had to be suspended when some of the PN councillors did not attend the meeting.

The Deputy Mayor Richard Scicluna and PN councillor Raymond Cachia were amongst those who did not attend the meeting.

The PN has not issued any comment on this state of affairs, despite the fact that three days have passed since this important meeting was suspended. The meeting was meant to discuss a number of tenders.

St Julians, like Sliema, forms part of the tenth electoral district. The Sliema local council won notoriety this summer for the level of disagreement between PN councillors. As a direct result of these serious differences, the council could carry out its work with Sliema residents ultimately having to pay the price for such disagreements.

One contract that was not signed because of the delays was the contract for the collection of separated waste. The contract was finally signed a few days ago.

This contract was won by Vince Farrugia’s company. While this company made money, the Sliema local council lost around seventy thousand euro

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- Sun 24-Oct-2010, 17:48

Il-qawl Malti jghid li skond iz-zokk il-fergha, waqt li qawl iehor jghid li l-huta minn rasha tinten. Kemm-il darba ma kienx hemm quorum fil-Parlament ghax ma jkunx hemm il-Membri Parlamentari Nazzjonalisti u l-Membri Laburisti johorgu biex jigbdu l-attenzjoni ghal dan in-nuqqas tal-Membri Parlamentari Nazzjonalisti? Kif imbaghad iridu li l-kunsilliera ma jaghmlux l-istess?