Chinese massage brothels, a Maltese reality?

Sunday Newspaper Kullhadd has revealed that many Chinese massage parlours have opened up in Malta, however these massage parlours aren't simply offering back rubs and traditional Chinese massages.

According to the Sunday newspaper, some of these massage parlours are offering sexual services to their clients. The newspaper alledged that these massage parlours are actually just a cover for brothels.

The newspaper goes on to state that a Government statistic has shown that 159 permits for foreign massuers and beauty therapists have been released in the past five years and that they can be found all over Malta, and not just in particular touristic areas.

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Comments (6)

Charles J Buttigieg

- Mon 11-Oct-2010, 09:35

Brothels should be made legal as they are the only deterrent to prostitution with its attended high risks for venereal diseases as well as Aids, the mass killer.

Carmel Cilia

- Mon 11-Oct-2010, 07:06

What has mons. SaidPullicino to say about this? I bet that if Labour was governing this little island we would have protest from those dojjoq ta tas-Sliema, and most probably we would have sermons from churche's altars. Kemm ghandna oqbra mbajda mas saqajn.

Jane Spiteri

- Sun 10-Oct-2010, 16:46

They should all be banned, closed and the permits both for the parloursd and masseuse/masseurs revoked. What would the Church, tas-suffara and the rest under the umbrella have said had this happened under Labour? Again, close and ban them and revoke all permits including for those who were permitted to work as masseuse/masseurs.

Joseph Calleja

- Sun 10-Oct-2010, 16:37

Message parlours are not something new to any country. To be honest what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors or it is meant to. A lot of message parlours are brothels incognito for sex favours. So the next time you see your hubby or boyfriend going in for a message, beware.

J Diacono

- Sun 10-Oct-2010, 16:29

So what? Massage parlors of this type exist all around the world, why they cannot be established here? Why the word sex is still a taboo in Malta in the year 2010 ? Surely are are no saints, look at the amount of corruption, tax evasion, burglaries, contraband, drug trafficking, swearing, etc, etc around us. So what are we exactly? A conservative muslim state perhaps?


- Sun 10-Oct-2010, 13:21

Thai massage parlours are similar ! There are plenty of them in Malta