Socialists seek to withdraw clauses naming Malta

Wednesday, 15 Jan 2014, 08:45


The Labour Party welcomes the fact that European Socialists seek to remove clauses that make reference to Malta from the text of the resolution that was presented by the Group of the European People's Party which is affiliated with the Nationalist Party.

This contrasts with the attitude of Nationalist Representatives and their group who only referred to Malta in the resolution on the investment program of citizenship.

The Representatives of the Labour Party will continue to work within the Group of Socialists and Democrats so that the interests of Malta are protected at all times and the resolution be amended to prevent harm to Malta, something which the PN are instigating.

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- Wed 15-Jan-2014, 09:56

In 1971 The Labour Government recognized China instead of Taiwan as the sole legitimate representative of the
Chinese people. All of the Western World expressed horror for tiny Malta to be the first. In the same breath, these Western Countries initiated rapid discreet negotiations with China to establish diplomatic relations. History will repeat itself as regard the investment program of citizenship by other E.U countries, save some trimmings. The only grave and unpardonable sin of Dr. Joseph Muscat in all this isthe fact that Malta is the first country in this innovative program; and tremendous aggravation is being felt by those who fear that the success of this program will further alienate them from the majority once the economic benefits will filter through.

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