Germany's finance minister praises Greek economic reforms

Friday, 19 Jul 2013, 11:46


Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has praised Greek economic reforms just hours after parliament passed a bill cutting thousands of public sector jobs.

He visited Athens on Thursday amid massive police security.
Deeply unpopular in Greece, Mr Schaeuble is viewed as the enforcer of the country's harsh austerity measures.
His visit followed several days of protests and a general strike over the new bill of austerity measures outlining the redeployment of up to 25,000 civil servants.
The bill is tied to new bailout loans worth 6.8bn euros (£5.8bn), needed to keep the Greek government afloat.

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Comments (2)


- Sun 21-Jul-2013, 07:11

The best thing for Greece to say"To hell with all of you" will take our own medicine and lift our selves up by bootstraps,it will issue its own currency,everything will be cheap,tourism and its economic mainstay will explode.

l fenech

- Fri 19-Jul-2013, 12:59

Sejrin tajjeb. L'EU u l'awsterita f'idejn il-Gremanja ta' Merkel.

Il-pajjizi l'ohra fejn huma kolla wara il-kwinti?


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Germany's finance minister praises Greek economic reforms