House found in flames following a burglary

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013, 17:53


Early Tuesday morning burglars broke into the house of a 75-year old woman resident in Qrendi. The case was reported after her neighbors reported that fumes were seen coming from the house. Luckily the elderly woman was not in the house during the incident.

The case happened in Bali Guarena street, in the limits of Qrendi, when at around 0530hr in the morning burglars broke into the resident and after collecting what was of interest to them they destroyed the house and set the house on fire.

The house belonged to Rosaria Pace, a 75-year old woman that lives alone in this residence. Luckily at the time she was out the house as she had left to do her job selling fish at around 0230 in the morning.

A 55-year old man is expected to be arraigned in court following the incident.

Investigations done by the police are still underway as to establish exactly what had happened.


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Comments (1)

James A. Tyrrell

- Wed 17-Jul-2013, 12:11

What a difference in lifestyles. The victim a 75 year old woman still gets up at 2.30 am to go to work and a 55 year old who rather than do an honest day's work sees fit to steal from an old woman. Let's hope he doesn't get one of the famous Maltese suspended sentences and that any assets he has are seized to pay for repairs to the old lady's house. I wish you all the best Rosaria and I hope you can soon put this behind you.

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