Prime Minister highlights problems in health sector

During an interview on national television the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat discussed a number of topics including much needed reforms in the health sector, links between Malta and Gozo and new hours for Parliament.

The Prime Minister said that problems within the health sector were much more serious than the Labour government had thought. The Casualty Department, shortages of medicines and health centres were among the government’s priorities in the health sector.

Dr Muscat mentioned a faster link between Malta and Gozo, such as a catamaran which would speed up travel and ease traffic problems. The Prime Minister included an air link and a tunnel as other possible options.

Turning to Parliament he said that a review of Parliament’s hours might lead to a change from the present 6pm start to a more convenient 5pm start.

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Comments (7)

Kris Camilleri

- Sun 16-Jun-2013, 08:12

And what about the loo bondi choice on a board, why has it not appeared on this e-paper ?. Maybe you are certain that most, if not all, the Bloggers will be against?


- Sat 15-Jun-2013, 08:44

It seems that Dalli is about to escape from Elba like Napolean did.

But Dalli never learn his lesson and his business practices will remain unchanged. Waterloo will inevitably follow.


- Sat 15-Jun-2013, 08:39

What really pisses off the PN about Franco Mercieca is that here is a man that is TRULY irreplaceable.

The PN clique they are irreplaceable, unless its by their own off spring - and yet the country has sprung back to life as soon as their oppressive behavior has been removed.

Hey Busulotti - can you name one person around you that is IRREPLACEABLE .. Gonzi idea of IRREPLACEABLE was RCC!!!!


- Fri 14-Jun-2013, 20:27

Maltese should be thanking their good fortune to have got rid of the mafiosi criminals just in time for Dr Muscat and his team to avoid a colossal head on collusion for this country.

We are talking about a party which defrauded Malta and went on to defraud itself into bankruptcy.

I have one word for Dr Busullotti - corruption is like bed bugs - you only get rid of it if you give it a good airing in the sun - hiding it in a drawer will just preserve the corruption your party is so guilty off.

Maybe you explain this to your few followers next time you hold a mass meeting (rumour has it, you will be holding mass coffee mornings ... is this true?)

Oh and by the way - no one is regretting voting labour. Your FACTORY of LIES is fooling NO ONE!!!!

Maltese Citizen

- Fri 14-Jun-2013, 17:10

I watched the interview this morning. As usual the PM Joseph Muscat was very good. As for the problems with the health sector, the Labour government will do well to investigate the claims made by the health Minister Godfrey Farrugia about the utter waste of public finances down the drain of outdated equipment, parts and medicine. The Mater Dei administration should be made to shoulder responsability. On the same subject many workers, nurses and all who under previous PN administrations suffered injustices are expecting that justice will be done with them. Keep up the good work

Maltese citizen

Michael Gatt

- Fri 14-Jun-2013, 14:53

Vera bniedem ma ma nixbax nammirak ghal gid genwin li tid lil pajjizek

Mark Cassar/Qormi

- Fri 14-Jun-2013, 12:59

Joseph hit the ground running on 01/01/2013 and all the men and women in his team have shown incredible acumen and boy oh boy stamina in steroidial doses!
Their insight and grip on the myriad subjects in all ministries and parliamentary secretariats in such a short time is next to unbelievable. Keep it up.

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