A Govt that listens: public consultation at Castille

As from this evening at Castille, a public consultation will be initiated with the theme ‘A government that listens’.

This initiative was promised before the election, and it aims to include the general public and listen to what they have to say.

This will happen between June 3 and 25, where the government said in a statement that this concept of an open government will help show transperancy, while promote the inclusion of Maltese and Gozitan citizens so as to help in the necessary reforms that need to be conducted.T

The public consultation will be held as follows:

3 June – George Vella

4 June – Karmenu Vella & Jose Herrera

5 June – Helena Dalli

10 June – Leo Brincat & Roderick Galdes

11 June – Godfrey Farrugia

12 June – Evarist Bartolo & Stefan Buontempo

13 June – Anton Refalo

14 June – Chris Cardona & Edward Zammit Lewis

17 June – Edward Scicluna & Konrad Mizzi

19 June – Marie Louise Colerio & Franco Mercieca

20 June – Emmanuel Mallia & Owen Bonnici

21 June – Joe Mizzi

22 June – Louis Grech & Ian Borg

24 June – Michael Farrugia

25 June – Prime Minister

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Comments (4)


- Sat 08-Jun-2013, 18:40

Dan juri li l-ewwel jikkonsulta mac-cittadini kolla imbaght issiru id-decizjonijiet.PROSIT.

George Farrugia.

- Wed 05-Jun-2013, 08:49

It is a good idea.It is like hitting the nail on the head.It is giving the right job to the right man and the right job to the right man.And this only the beginning.They are still on the Honeymoon.


- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 16:24

I intend to attend when the Prime Minister will address us. Of one Item I need no convincing, that the Government hit the ground running, but of course I am looking forward to listen to these new initiatives.


- Tue 04-Jun-2013, 13:07

can you tell me hob to book due i need to attend one of the Meetings

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