Man in critical condition after car crash

Friday, 31 May 2013, 11:13


A 33 year old man from Birzebbuga is in critical condition after his car crashed and overturned in Birzebbuga.

The accident occured at around 7.30 a.m., when the man was driving a Peugeot 306 in Ghar Dalam Road.

The man lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a barrier and overturned.

Members of the civil protection and ambulance were called to the scene. The man was taken to Mater Dei Hospital were his condition was deemed critical.

An inquiry is being held by Magistrate Audrey Demicoli.

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Comments (1)


- Sat 01-Jun-2013, 14:40

I reside just off this hill going down to Birzebbugia and use the road several times every day. Too many drivers overtake this hill at speed in both directions on a regular basis. Also there are 4 entrances/exits on this stretch of road which require particular care of observation from ALL road users. THERE HAS TO BE A PERMANENT DETERRANT TO PREVENT MORE FATALITIES AND SERIOUS INJURIES. A speed trap would be a good idea.

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