Simon Busuttil: The next PN leader

Mario de Marco and Francis Zammit Dimech announce they will not be contesting the second round for Nationalist Party leadership election. Simon Busuttil won the first round of the leadership election with 50.3 per cent of the vote.

Second runner up, Dr Mario de Marco, announced that he is also withdrawing his candidature. Dr de Marco was runner up with 38.5 per cent, with the remainder being shared by Francis Zammit Dimech and Raymond Bugeja at 6 per cent and 5 per cent respectively. Mr Bugeja was eliminated automatically.

The Councillors have made their voices heard clearly, and  thus, I will respect their decision, Dr de Marco said.

He urged the councillors to also back Simon Busuttil’s nomination, "as now its time for unity", he said in a press conference. 

He also praised former PN leader, Lawrence Gonzi, calling him "a true gentleman".

Francis Zammit Dimech also conceded from the run for PN leader.

Raymond Bugeja, got only 47 votes.

Both Dr Mario de Marco and Dr Zammit Dimech said that they are withdrawing their candidature and will support  their new leader, Dr.Simon Busuttil.

In the meantime, the social media was inundated with comments, especially when the news that Dr Simon Busuttil will be the next Opposition leader was clear.

Ironically, Labour-leaning ones seemed elated by the result.

Simon Busuttil in his Facebook status wrote: A big thank you to the 50.3% of all councillors who put their trust in me in today's election, and to all those who cast their vote. This result fills me with determination to give my all to the Party. I look forward to Wednesday's second round.

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Comments (21)


- Tue 07-May-2013, 17:41

Jien smajt li numru ta' Kunsilliera ftehemu biex jivvutaw kontra ghax ma jridux li tibqa' l-istess klikka ta' OLIGARKIJA ta' RCC, Gonzi u AG tahkem lill-Partit Nazzjonalista.

Dawk li tassew iridu bidla fil-PN mill-OLIGARKIJA li hakmitu ghandhom jaghmlu bhal shabhom u jivvutaw kontra Xmun biex iwasslu l-messagg taghhom.

annalise grech

- Mon 06-May-2013, 13:04

b simon busuttil lura ha jmus il pn flok il quddiem


- Mon 06-May-2013, 10:30

Simon Busutill leader ta parti min bicca partit ghax nofs il cunsulliri ivotaw lil De Marco maghandux majoranza u lerghba naraw it teini parti tal farsa din id darba johrog elett sparat bhal gonzi meta tellaq wahdu Vera buffi jadu lili prtitarji biz zmien

l fenech

- Mon 06-May-2013, 06:11

Possibbli li Dr. Mario de Marco ma indunax li l'elezzjoni ghal kap tal-partit kienet mahduma mill bidu nett u Simon rebah 50% tal voti l'anqas zewg terzi?

Il-vera ma jafux fejn huma.

Ganni Zejten

- Sun 05-May-2013, 21:14

kollox mahdum bizzilla,il klikka tibqa tirenja bix xmun jiehu it tmun min ghand Gonzi u il par idejn sodi jibqu izommu il parit tal korruzzjoni,hbieb tieghi nistghu nghidu li IL PN sejr kun negativ aktar min qatt qabel pero li isserhilna mohhna hu li b'ixmun il PN ghandu 15 il sena zgur pl'oppozizzjoni

Patria Caduta

- Sun 05-May-2013, 18:56

Don't rush!! What if many of the PN's Councillors will not vote for Simon Busuttil on Wednesday. And so he will not obtain the 2/3 according to the PN's political statute? After all 50 per cent of the PN's Councillors did not vote for Simon in the first round!!


- Sun 05-May-2013, 17:15

In fact of loads of comments about pn leadership, i have to say that when and by ...what means simon knows about politics ?? before election when media asked simon in such programmes ..he says dont ask me because im here only 2 months ..imagine now ..what hes goin to say !!!! they are still with the same circle clique ......and the retired of de marco for leader smells fishy prepare listen the bad ways of simple simon our country.

Renzo Orgni

- Sun 05-May-2013, 16:31

Tiskanta kif dawn in-nazzjonalisti lesti jkassbru lilhom nfushom ghall-patit taghhom - imma mhux ghal Malta.

L-ghazla ta' SB tkompli turi kemm uhud minnhom ma ghandhomx stima lejhom infushom. DeMarco kellu kull cans jerga' jiprova imma ghalkemm jaf li SB kien ivvantagjat sa mill-elezzjonijiet ta' l-MEPs tat-2004, xorta pprefera jaghtilhu fuq platt tal-fidda. Hu biss kien jidher u l-ohrajn kollha mohbija. Mhux ta' b'xejn gab dawk il-voti kollha fl-elezzjoniejiet ta' l-MEPs.

Kulhadd xortieh DeMarco sieheb. Issa forsi jiftakru fik ukoll f'xi haga tafx. Forsi!


- Sun 05-May-2013, 16:03

we have a photo copy of gonzi now with you simon plus dr mario demarco you have a mind of a real genius in my opion halejthom jafgu for the next loss of comming elections but then they will put you as the real leader in 10years time.

l fenech

- Sun 05-May-2013, 15:12

Jien ma nafx ghaliex Dr. Mario de Marco dahal ghat-tellieqa meta kien kollox mahdum biex jitla Simon "ma nafx".

Kieku jien nirtira totalment mill politika ghax lil Dr. Mario warbuh bhal Dr.Franco Debono, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando u il-perit Muljiett. L'ahjar nies keccewhom min nofs.

Charles J Buttigieg

- Sun 05-May-2013, 13:18

It was all a ritual to put Simon at the headship of Gonzipn.

Simon garnered 50.3 % of the votes.
De Marco 38.5%
F.Zammit Dimech 6%
Mr. Farrugia 5%.

Before they came on stage the contenders knew the results, their body language and the supposedly compromise gave their game away.

Had Demarco opted for his statute right to go for a second poll, and the with the unlikely win of all Francis’s votes (6%) and Bugeja’s (5%) by Simon, the latter would have got the support of only 61.3 % of the conference. IE. 5.36 % less than the 66.66% statute requirement.


- Sun 05-May-2013, 13:11

Today PN lost a GOLDEN chance to move forward.

James A. Tyrrell

- Sun 05-May-2013, 12:08

I can understand why Labour-leaning ones seem elated by the result. Dr Simon Busuttil is basically Gonzi's hand-picked choice to follow him as PN leader. That being the case it shows that the PN are determined to carry on as they have always done in Gonzi's footsteps. That was shown not to be a winning formula so therefore the Labour camp will be happy and looking forward to more wins at future elections. I think the only way the PN were going to make a fresh start and appeal once more to the electorate was to put some new blood into the driving seat, a woman for example, and radically change the rest of the team so that they wouldn't be tainted by what has gone before.

Marco Magro

- Sun 05-May-2013, 11:47

Nawguraw li Simon Buzzullotti jkun kap ta' l-oppozizzjoni denju ta' dan il-pajjiz u jahdem ghall-ghaqda tal-poplu u mhux ghall-firda kif jidher li hadem sa issa. Nispera li din tal-kuluri fuq il-wicc u l-ingravajjet jinsiha ghax mhux biss waqqatu ghac-cajt, imma holqot id-dwejjaq fil-qlub ta' nazzjonalist ta' l-affari taghhom.
Grow up Simon. Issa l-big daddy ma ghadux hemm biex jiproteggik. Issa inti trid tiprotegi lilek innifsek u l-dawk li jiddependu minnek.


- Sun 05-May-2013, 09:57



- Sun 05-May-2013, 09:40

The boy with the silver spoon in his mouth just had the spoon shoved down his throat.

Maybe that is why he has that strange squeaky effeminate voice.

Our boy simon makes a good cortier or EUnuch (take your pick), but he is no king.

PN have just just consigned themselves to a long term in opposition.


- Sun 05-May-2013, 08:12

Joseph Muscat is the winner once again, barely two months after the landslide. I hope that Labour and the movement built around it will make the best possible out of this latest development in the PN.

rose azzopardi

- Sun 05-May-2013, 08:09

PN will have a leader it deservers, as far as I am concerned - MALTA TAGHNA L-KOLL

Albert Fenech

- Sun 05-May-2013, 07:19

Great news for the PL but very bad news for the country. One expected that the Gonzi/RCC/DCG/Austin Gatt et al clique had learnt their lessons at the recent polls, besides gauging the public perception of their governance. Apparently not. For the country this was the worst possible result. ALBERT FENECH


- Sun 05-May-2013, 07:12

Mario could have made a modest leader. With Simon, it's more of the same old arrogant stuff.


- Sun 05-May-2013, 02:15

Good news for the Labour Party. Simon was the face of GonziPN in the last election. Is he going to win back the voters who deserted the PN in the last election? Same policies same result next time. Go Labour.

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