Early school-leavers decrease... through manipulation

Thursday, 14 Feb 2013, 13:02


Early school-leavers were revised downwards through statistical changes, from 33% to 24%, by the government.

In the previously used system, the government considered individuals between the ages of 18-24 as early school leavers despite no longer being in education or training. However the government has applied a number of changes in the system to exclude individuals who obtain O' Levels and no longer deem them as early school leavers.

The cosmetic move brings Malta more in line with the EU average despite the fact that the actual number didn't differ but only differed for statistical purposes. The data is now being provided to Eurostat and despite the decrease, the Maltese score is shadowed by other countries who have a much smaller percentage of school leavers.

The decrease is being lauded by the government as one of its accomplishments in this legislature despite failing to match EU averages for early school leavers.



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Comments (1)


- Thu 14-Feb-2013, 14:24

Since we don't get our O-levels between the ages of 18-24 but between the ages of 14-17, this statistical adjustment is a clear attempt at manipulation. For the ages of 18-24, they should have considered only A-levels and degrees. People with 5 O-Levels in this day and age who are not continuing their education until the ages of 18-24 should be considered as early school-leavers. This is what they should be calling for resignations on! Playing with numbers instead of addressing the root causes and real issues.

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