Medavia directors released by Libyan authorities

Thursday, 03 Jan 2013, 14:15


The two Medavia directors who were arrested back in December by Libyan authorities have been released, local media reported.

The Medavia directors, Abdulrazagh Zmirli and Abdalla Dekna, were facing a possible trial after being accused of helping the previous Gaddafi regime.

Managing director of the Malta-based air services company, Abdulrazagh Zmirli, and the firm’s technical general manager Abdalla Dekna were allegedly supporting the Gaddafi regime during the revolution. The SSC, a Libyan militia, seized the two   from the VIP lounge of Tripoli airport on Tuesday 18 December, minutes before they boarded a Malta-bound plane.

The Government was closely monitoring the situation and keeping contact with people close to the men.

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Comments (2)


- Thu 03-Jan-2013, 18:05

Very good to hear.Good for their families and good for the Company in Malta.

Charles Agius

- Thu 03-Jan-2013, 15:17

Congratulations. Good news.

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