GreenPak’s annual seabed cleanup highlights the importance of recycling

Saturday, 03 Nov 2012, 22:22


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A 23-strong team of advanced certified divers and 15 onshore volunteers recovered over
1,200kgs of recyclable waste from Wied iż-Żurrieq seabed during the annual Cleanup,
organised by GreenPak and the Amphibians SCUBA Diving Club.

The divers braved the cold temperatures and extracted hundreds of harmful objects from
the underwater environment, including soft-drink cans, glass bottles, plastic wrappings,
fishing nets, ladders, carpets, traffic signposts, mobile phones, car accessories and
numerous tyres.

Ing. Mario Schembri, CEO of GreenPak Coop Society said, “We, as an island nation are
intrinsically linked to the sea, but the reality is that the seabed suffers from ‘out of sight,
out of mind’ syndrome. It is our collective duty to protect and preserve this collective
heritage from further degradation. Through this initiative GreenPak is highlighting an
important message: when the public uses recycling facilities, the majority of plastics,
paper, glass and other recyclable material can be prevented from being dumped in our

Besides the standard safety procedures, the Cleanup team was briefed on the importance
of not retrieving or disturbing any piece of debris that has significant life on it – as this
will cause more harm to wildlife than good. The onshore volunteers gathered rubbish
and debris from the surrounding location in an effort to recover litter before being carried
down into the sea by winter storms.

The participating SCUBA divers were provided with free air tanks by Scubatech Diving

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