Charged with hurting man to stop him beating up partner

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2012, 17:31


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45 year old Rumanian Marcel Tulburi who lives in Birzebbuga was charged in court with causing grievous bodily harm to another Rumanian, Florin Constantin last Sunday at 7.00pm when trying to break up a fight between a couple.

Tulburi was charged with pushing Constantin and hurt him so badly that his life was in danger for some time. Tulburi pleaded not guilty. His lawyer said that Tulburi did not want to get involved in a fight but as he shares an apartment with the couple and he saw Constantin beating up his wife and he tried to stop him. He pushed Constantin and hurt him badly.

The court granted Tulburi bail after he paid a deposit of €5,000 and promised that he would leave the apartment not to live anymore with Constantin and to go to live with a friend in Bugibba.  





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