A question of credibility

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012, 03:53


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Government leaders with credibility help their country grow and prosper; those without, struggle to succeed and end up failing. This is the real problem with Malta; our Prime Minister has lost all sense of credibility.

Dr. Gonzi has created a wide credibility gap. GonziPN does not distinguish between the reality of the country’s problems and the false propaganda with endless promises and misleading statements.

The Prime Minister has lost touch with the people’s needs. He simply refuses to listen to public opinion as well as to the strong advice being given to him by senior members of his party. Lawrence Gonzi was expected to give a new meaning to political leadership. His tenure merely proved that these expectations fell flat.

The Prime Minister has had to deal with several problems within his own party and his parliamentary group. He has lost a prominent Minister, he has lost his right hand man in Cabinet and in the Party, Richard Cachia Caruana and he has also lost one of his MPs. These setbacks could have been avoided with a little less arrogance and a little more seriousness. GonziPN has faced a number of no confidence motions and has tried to solve Parliament’s problems through a one-horse race within his party.

In January, when trying to deal with the dissent within his parliamentary group, Dr. Gonzi said "We are not afraid of using the tools of democracy. A resolution taking the country to Thursday's vote will not solve anything. It is not a solution. A solution should be one with no conditions attached to it. I will accept no conditions."  The recent declarations by the now independent MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando have made it clear that there are several conditions to his vote in parliament in favour of the government. Yet, Lawrence Gonzi’s obsession to cling to power has overcome his quest for credibility.

At the same meeting in Zebbug, Gonzi also said " However, if a solution is not found this week, the government will seek the people's confidence in an election even though it is not in the country's best interest"  The solution was not found, there isn’t even one in sight and his credibility has been lost even further.

When referring to the internal strife within his party, Gonzi has repeatedly said that this was a closed chapter and that he can now look forward to moving ahead. Even recently, since the official resignation of JPO and the statement by Franco Debono that he would not support the government in the budget vote, Gonzi persists in burying his head in the sand.

Unlike some of his close PN associates, such as Dr. Tonio Fenech and Paul Borg Olivier, Gonzi was expected to be a credible politician. Since, his leadership qualities have been tried, tested and have been found wanting. Gonzi has lost any semblance of credibility and at least he should do what he himself says. It is his only way to regain some dignity and honour.


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