PN Sliema Deputy Mayor resigns, joins Labour

Sliema deputy mayor Cyrus Engerer has resigned from the Nationalist Party this afternoon and joined Labour as an active member, he said in a statement.

In reply the Nationalist Party accepted accepted Engerer's resignation saying that while it did not agree with his reasons, because it respected diversity of thought within it, it respected  his decision.

In his statement a day after he called for the resignation of the Prime Ministerl, Cyrus Engerer said the the Prime Minister's speech and position on divorce has pushed him to take this decision.

He will remain an independent councillor in Sliema and will remain loyal to his constituents.

Engerer says that his liberal democratic principles were clashing with the conservative principles of the PN and a conflict had been created.

He said the PN was previously a coalition of conservative members with liberals and it had kept back on certain civil issues because of other priorities, such as EU membership, something he personally had strived for.

But rather than progressing since becoming an EU member, the party had regressed, Engerer argues.

He referred to a seminar on the recognition of same sex couples last week and said that the point made by the PN’s representative was that to be gay was not a disease.

“Is this the message the PN wanted to give,” he asked.

The Sliema seputy mayor said that he had been working within the PN to change its conservative stand and now felt he had been left with no option but to resign.

Cyrus Engerer also announced that he will be joining the Labour Party.

Reported earlier:

Sliema Deputy Mayor and PN candidate Cyrus Engerer has called for Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to resign as he "no longer represents the people".

Engerer wrote on Facebook that even Lawrence Gonzi's own brother said that he would not be a dictator by voting against the divorce bill.

“Even the PM's own brother, MP Michael Gonzi, has stated in parliament that the PM is a dictator when he said that anyone who votes ‘no’, after having consulted the people in a referendum, is a dictator,” the Sliema PN Deputy Mayor wrote.

He also blasted Austin Gatt for grouping same-sex marriage with abortion and asked whether the PN minister was leading the party into another fiasco.

Following his comments, Engerer's Facebook page received positive comments for his views as well as abuse by others.

Asked by the Times whether he would resign from the PN, Engerer said that he had no intention of doing so and that his aim was to continue representing the Nationalist Party.

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Comments (11)


- Sat 16-Jul-2011, 07:53

ENGERER HAS THE GUTS. BONDI HAS NO BALLS. In a recent article in The Times, media personality Lou Bondi said if Dr Gonzi voted against because of reasons of conscience, he would have to resign as the captain of the ship of state because it would be inconsistent with his promise to respect the will of the majority. WHERE IS MR. LOU BONDI NOW PLEASE!!!! CIVIL PROTECTION PLEASE HELP


- Sat 16-Jul-2011, 05:28

Nota lis sur Lou Bondi. Jekk ghadek bil hsieb li tera tpengi lill xi hadd bil mustacci isaa ghandek xalata minn fejn timrah. Ghandi sebgha mitt sena ha nara sa fejn iwasslu il bocci tieghek. Naf..........naf........ li lill dawn id dittaturi b'xi raggira tpengihom!!!!!

Anthony Micallef

- Sat 16-Jul-2011, 01:10

Cyrus though I do not know you personally I wish to congratulate you on your stand againt Dr Gonzi and his ilk who are taking our beloved homecountry to the dark ages.Do not be disheartened and rest assured that within the new Labour Party everybody has a future and is welcome and everybody has something to offer unlike what others say to us no one is an idiot.


- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 23:59

ek sewwa narmaw bl imbarazz

Carmel Grech

- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 22:59

Welcome to the ever growing party my friend. I am sure that you will be an asset to better living conditions in the Maltese islands.

alfred agius

- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 20:56

Welcome Cyrus,

Have no second thoughts, you did the right move. A party with an oudated moto of RELIGIO et Patria can never be an inclusive party. It is caught in the cobwebs of the past and is in a veritable staight jacket . With Gonzipn at the helm one can note a consistent taliban streak. Let him go down the blind alley alone and form part of the liberal and forward looking Movement of the MLP. You`ll be in good company. Remember Dr. Schembri of the IVA Movement who also comes from a staunch pn background which she also left behind? You also know of Mr Mugliett who prefers to retire from politics rather than follow Gonzipn. May others pluck the courage and save Malta from being led through the taliban route. This is the stuff that real men are made of. Awguri


- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 18:57

This news fills me with hope that Malta is changing, even if a substantial part of its establishment is still stuck in the 70s.

I left ages ago because I had no faith that civil liberties would ever become the main topic of interest in the country. The events of the last few months have made me reconsider my position and now I feel that the bubbling pot which has been locked for such a long time is about to burst.

Thank you Cyrus for standing up for what you believe in, and what many would prefer to ignore.

What you are doing can't have been an easy thing to do. But you did it nonetheless. Malta needs a few LGBT role models and whatever happens in your future political career, I believe you have earned yourself this place in Malta's timeline of civil liberties.

Good luck in your new journey!

Paco Mirabitur

- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 18:32

Your move takes guts and deserve our admiration. Your courage is unmeasureable. I do believe you are in a better position now to reach your goals... to achieve a caring, just and tolerant society, open and fair to all

Paco Mirabitur

- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 18:32

Your move takes guts and deserve our admiration. Your courage is unmeasureable. I do believe you are in a better position now to reach your goals... to achieve a caring, just and tolerant society, open and fair to all

C. Camilleri

- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 18:26

The time is 18.26 hrs. and another well known Paper has not published this News yet. This Paper is also on line and has up dates quite frequently. I wonder if the same would have happened if it was the opposite


- Fri 15-Jul-2011, 14:42

Minn hu Dr Gonzi.

Ex Speaker li qal li politika mhux il linja tieghu, inghata wake over biex ma jinqalax inkwiet IMMA nehha l kompettituri tieghu u ha l gvern minghajr maggoranza....

Iva Dr Gonzi il hin sar..... u bhal Gaddafi warrab u taghmel pjacir lil hutek MALTIN