Nirvana Azzopardi loses battle against cancer

Wednesday, 09 Oct 2013, 12:57


Television personality Nirvana Azzopardi has passed away after losing her battle against breast cancer.

Ms Azzopardi, 40, a mother of two, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer two years ago.

Hundreds of people of all ages had taken part in a walk of solidarity held in St Julian’s in January this year to raise awareness about breast cancer.

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Comments (2)

Mario Sammut

- Wed 09-Oct-2013, 14:05

Nirvana was a special and intelligent woman in media and IT
God will send his angels for you.


- Wed 09-Oct-2013, 13:59

We are very saddened to hear of her loss and would like to express our sincere condolences to all her family.

God be with all her family .