Debono: PN Deputy Leader election and budget irrelevant

[UPDATED] PN MP Franco Debono said the campaign for the election of PN Deputy Leader has shown him that there will be no real change in the PN before the election and is as irrelevant as the budget.

In his latest blog Debono also revealed that while he collected his voting document  he will not cast it in Friday’s election. One of the candidates in the election, Tonio Fenech, has been harshly criticised by Debono in recent weeks, going as far as presenting a breach of privilege against the minister a few minutes before Fenech was due to start reading the Budget speech.

Debono said:

“After I followed what came out of the Deputy Leadership campaign I wasn’t impressed at all and I am now convinced that no real change will happen within the PN before the election which, after the PN disciplined three dissenting mps seems to be heading for a considerable defeat.

What has amazed me most in this campaign is Mario Demarco’s spite, envy and jealousy for Simon Busuttil. He has campaigned not out of love for Tonio Fenech  but more out of hate for Simon Busuttil. His motivation - Hu go fik Simon!

One of the main reasons the PN risks seriously losing the next election is that it was very weak with people who mismanaged like Austin Gatt whilst disciplining people who only voiced people’s concerns and pushed forward fundamental reforms. This showed the PN to be very undemocratic and intolerant.

In any case, unfortunately it is too late in the day for any new deputy leader to effect material and concrete changes to  a free falling  and crumbling  PN – the momentum is too great to reverse.

Thus, whilst I have collected my vote, I have decided that I will not cast my vote in the Deputy leadership election.”

One vote Debono is keenly expected to play a part in is the vote for the Budget due on the 10th December. He has repeated time and again that he will vote against the Budget.

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Comments (9)

Censu W. Muscat

- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 23:01

By their votes the vast majority of the PN's Councillors clearly showed that they are fed up with GonziPartitNegattiv. So much so that they gave a resounding defeat to one of GonziPartitNegattiv's Minister.

At the general election many Nationalists supporters are going to give a blow to GonziPartitNegattiv.

Also AFTER the general election the vast majority of the PN's Councillors, like tonight, will publicly show how Franco Debono, J. Pullicino Orlando and J. Mugliett were right all the way.

Joseph Bugeja

- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 16:50

Ganni and Brigella I had many posts denied by the timesof especially when I offered a personal opinion on some candidate instead of policy.
I guess if it's someone's party they invite whomever they want.
So who's democratic? I am sure that the P.N. will print anything I say against GonziPN!
Keep dreaming or should I say copying your party.

cittadin malti

- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 13:09

Dr:Debono int ghandek kull dritt hu bi privilegg li tivvotta kontra l-budget fil-parlament ghax int onest hu qieghed tghid il-verita. Kaz tipiku ta fejn tasal ipokresija taht din id-dittatura governativa hu dan it-theddid li qeghdin jibaghtulek ta Gonzipn theddid inaccettabli f'pajjiz li suppost dan il-gvern jiftahar bid-demokrazija. Kuragg Franco il-verita fl-ahhar tirbah hu int tibqa mfakkar ta politiku onest hu lejali lejn il-poplu taghna.


- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 12:53

Franco int l-awtur ta veru pajjiz demokratiku ghalhekk se tivvotta kontra l-budget ghax pajjizna nies onesti bhalek irrid fil-parlament.Int MP onest hu nadif fil-politika Maltija.Pajjizna ma jistax jitmexxa min gvern imexxi minn oligarkija kostretta li gib dizastru shih f'pajjizna. Prosit Franco ta l-appogg li qieghed taghti fil-parlament f'isem il-haddiem Malti hu Ghawdxi li se jibqa grad lejk.


- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 11:28

Gan,Franco is so democratic that he is fighting to win you rights that you yourself are not even aware that is being denied to you.
Ignorance is bliss.


- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 11:11

Ganni, agree with you 100%

alfred seguna

- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 09:51

Kieku imqar nofs il parlament kienu bhal Franco kieku qeghdin hafna ahjar.Dawk li jahdmu kontra Franco jafu li jghid il verita u ghalhekk iridu iwarbuh ghax huma jitilfu iz zejza.Franco biss irid gid lill partit l'ohrajn jafdmu ghal egoizmu taghhom.Kull partit ghandu jiehu hafna mill- pariri ta Franco jekk veru ihobbu lill Malta Demokratika.


- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 08:35



- Fri 30-Nov-2012, 07:37

Farnco is so democratic that when you write a post on his blog he doesn't like he removes it