From Lou to RCC and RC?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 03:47


NP exponents, NP bloggers and their prodders who are found everywhere in government and in our national media continually ask two questions, which they use repeatedly to try and put doubts into the minds of floaters who have veered and are veering towards voting for better.

What are the policies of the PL? How will they be implemented? Yet when the PL presents policies they either then ignore them, or ask how they will be implemented. The PL has put forward very many proposals and policies already, not least in the last response to the Budget, but all these are often ignored by the same bloggers, prodders and all manner of people who plan and man our discussion programmes and even our
national media.

The latest PL policy which is aimed at increasing the number of young people who continue in education and training after school so that they can obtain more worthwhile jobs, is another classic example of doublespeak and double standards.

When the PL explains, as did many others the " how " of the Education, Training and Jobs policy, as did one PL exponent last Sunday it is ignored by the double standard dealers, who go on repeating that they don't know
how a policy will be implemented.

These are just a description of facts, of political life as it is in Malta, and we know that our readers, as well as the pro PN bloggers who read us to try and fight back, want to be challenged. So here is the challenge for the pro PN prodders and bloggers.

When the PN suddenly produces a policy as it did in 2008 when it promised tax cuts did it explain how? Of course not. And did all the above prodders and bloggers ask it to. Of course not.

Oh and did it deliver on that promise. No need. They are the PN of course. So this is double standard Malta. The PN are free to produce or not produce any policy and not explain how it will be worked out or even financed. 

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Comments (1)

lee caruana

- Tue 29-May-2012, 12:43

Since RCC and DCG are allged to meet so often ..did she name her blog after him? rc= running commentary or did he? TRULY PATHETIC.what arrogance


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