Is Malta becoming a Banana Republic?

In  political science the term banana republic denotes a country dependent upon limited primary-sector productions, which is ruled by a plutocracy who exploit the national economy by means of a politico-economic oligarchy. It also signifies a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource. Unfortunately, the way that the country is being run by GonziPN can assimilate easily with the above definitions.

No government wants to go to an election with the certainty that it will lose power. All over the world, the incumbent ruling party uses every trick in the book to try and win a successive term in government; just as every party in opposition tries to regain power.  In a Parliamentary democracy there are certain rules that no party should go beyond. Alas, this is where Malta differs from most Western European countries.

Earlier this year, the Maltese were treated to a one-horse race for which the people had to wait one whole month to know the outcome. There are very few democracies in the Western World, if any, who have had such events.

We have had a government Minister saying that Parliament was merely a formality since what the Government says, happens. Criticising the government or asking for Parliamentary scrutiny is being described as negative, vindictive, showing hatred and immoral by the MPs on the government side. According to Dr. Gonzi, Parliament should not be informed when discussions are taking place. But the Prime Minister also left Parliament out of the equation when discussions were finalised and decisions taken.

Minister Dr. Austin Gatt, was also meant to resign from his Ministerial duties to run the PN’s election campaign. Well, he does run the PN election campaign but he is also still a Minister representing the people. This is reminiscent of the historical propaganda ministries.

This is not the way that the Labour Party will run the government. Dr. Joseph Muscat has been saying over and over again, that the PL in government would listen to people’s problems and would seek a solution as soon as the problem is known; not only in the run-up to the election, as GonziPN has been trying since last January.

GonziPN keeps harping about the details of the PL election manifesto. The details are not as important as the principles. The Principles of democracy and of sound governance are far more important, for the PL and for the people.



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Comments (4)

l fenech

- Sat 26-May-2012, 15:27

Yes, a complete bunch.


- Sat 26-May-2012, 12:58

Crafty you! So you have offered the Gonz a solution for the use of treated effluent. Grow banana trees.

Peter Muscat

- Sat 26-May-2012, 12:07

A banana republic no; but a 'Borat' Republic for sure; with GonziPN as the main protagonist!

Banana Republic

- Sat 26-May-2012, 09:19

It has become a banana republic complete with African monkeys


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