JEEP sponsorship agreement with Juventus

Thursday, 26 Apr 2012, 13:00


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Fiat S.p.A. and Juventus Football Club S.p.A. have signed a memorandum of understanding for an exclusive sponsorship agreement for the next three seasons.

From 1 July 2012, Fiat S.p.A. will be the sole sponsor appearing on Juventus football jerseys, for all matches, in return for a fixed sponsorship fee of €35 million (for all three seasons) and the supply of group vehicles. For the upcoming 2012/2013 season, Juventus players will sport the Jeep brand on their uniforms.

The agreement also allows for Fiat S.p.A. to use the Juventus image, including placement of its logos on the official clothing of all Juventus teams and a variety of potential partnerships in other areas.The definitive agreement, which will be valid until 30 June 2015, is to be signed in the next few weeks.

Jeep, which celebrated its legendary 70-year history in July last year, is a globally- recognized brand that distributes its vehicles in more than 120 countries. Since the introduction of the first model in 1941, more than 15 million Jeeps have been produced and distributed worldwide.


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