Waiting list of shame

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012, 04:12



The Health Minister Joe Cassar appears to be following the leadership style of Lawrence Gonzi. Close your eyes, deny the existence of a problem called 7500 patients in corridors, and talk about obesity and sexual health.

His article in the Sunday Times this week talked about health being the wealth of the nation. Incredibly, Joe Cassar's same article then ignored one of the top problems completely. We only found out that a shameful 7500 have had to stay in hospital corridors because of a PQ put by Labour to this inefficient government. There were 7500 people who went to our brand new hospital, and stayed in corridors in 2011 alone. And the Minister doesn't mention this problem, nor of course what he is doing to tackle it.

The number is a staggering indictment of all that is wrong with this government. The policy of sticking your head in the sand and pretending it isn't there was evident from when this debate started to escalate on Realta programme (aired on One TV). There a pro Nationalsit exponent like Dr. Frank Portelli clearly looked totally exasperated at the apparent ineptitude of Minister Joe Cassar, who appeared unwilling or perhaps even incapable of truly tackling the problem. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca repeatedly challenged Joe Cassar, but he also ignored the vital issues which are concerning people, hurting them, and damaging their lives.

To solve a problem you have to acknowledge there is one, and Minister Joe Cassar only talks about the challenges he wants to talk about, like obesity and sexual health. We ask the Minister: at the moment you are admitted to hospital don't you have the right to be treated with privacy and dignity in a ward and not in a corridor? Is this how he would expect to be treated?

This is one problem the Nationalists can only blame themselves for. We had patients in corridors in St. Luke's. And yet they spent three times more than planned on building a new hospital with fewer beds than even St Luke's.

Wakey wakey dear Minister. How are you going to ensure Mater Dei has enough beds for the needs of the Maltese people. Please take your head out of the sand and start to tackle the problem you perhaps paid yourself double to solve.


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- Tue 21-Feb-2012, 11:07

will they apologise for planning for too few beds?...this is an irresponsible and heartless govt...my uncle didnt even have a bed to be admitted...shame shame shame


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